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My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home or tract of land efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  Here’s what past clients had to say about working with me!


Larry– Jackie Stewart is one of those rare to find agents who is very perceptive, talented, and motivated to do for her Client what we all look for and hope to find in and ideal Real Estate Agent.  I would highly recommend her as an agent for anyone looking to get through the sometimes difficult and complex Real Estate process we face from time to time.  She is young enough to still have that drive we older folks used to have, yet old enough to have the experience required to get that deal we want done.  Although I try not to bother anyone over a weekend, on rare occasion I have called Jackie and she without hesitation helped me through an issue needing immediate attention.  It reminds me of having the old time Country Doctors at ones disposal back in the good old days….but now I am really giving my age away!

Nancy—-Jackie saw our family through a very long and stressful situation in which we had to switch lenders, have our potential home/farm rezoned, and change our closing date several times!  She was always professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly, and went WAY beyond normal duties.  She was the main reason we were able to move into our dream property!

Brad –Jackie worked very hard for me in the purchase of my rural property.  Her responses were immediate to any questions I had and if she did not know the answer she would promptly find it!  She had a very good knowledge of the area with regard to property values, etc.  I would highly recommend her services.

Daivd–Excellent overall experience. Jackie is well informed and reliable!  

Linda– Jackie is a very personable person.  She pays attention to detals and is very attentive to the client.  I never had to wonder if she would get back to me on any request or question that I might have  She went out of her way to drive many miles after I got off work and long after her work hours had ended to mt me on several occasions.  I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Jackie!  She should start her own school to teach other agents how to treat their clients!! 

Barbara– I liked your contacting me about my land and how you put it out where others would see it.  I am very pleased with you and your work.  THANK YOU!!

Dave & Anita–Jackie did a terrific job–she was persistent and yet NEVER pushy!  She covered ALL options and comunicated well with us.  She is fun too!  Very good customer service and a job very well done. She did a great job of helping us find the property that was perfect for us!! 

Barb–You did a AAAA job!  I was very pleased!  Darned if I kow of any areas that you could have improved on.  Great job!!! 

Karen–No complaints!  I was very happy! 

Chuck & Louise–You are a nice person and were very patient with us.  You pushed us to keep trying even when we thought t wasn’t possible.  We thank you for that! 

Dan–Always had an answer for my questions and returned calls promptly. You’re wonderful to work with!

Patrick– You were always friendly and not pushy! I would recommend you to others! 

Jack– Very honest and trustworthy regarding questions.  Thank you for a very easy transfer and process.  I’d recommend you to others.  

John  & Ginny- We liked the emails on the activity on the property and the quick return calls.  Would recommend you!  Thank you!!

Regina–You’re very pleasant and sincere. I’d refer you to my friends and family!

Jillian- – You did whatever you could and pushed to make things happen! Thank you Jackie! 

James & Mary–Jackie you have put our faith back in real estate!!  We will definitely recommend you to anyone who is going to sell. Thank you so very much Jackie!!