Drilling in Southern Ashtablula County?

  During a recent drive through Rome Township on a beautiful sunny Sunday, my eyes were drawn to something out of the ordinary for our little rural community.  Against the horizon I saw a large structure with several workers climbing and working on its massive frame.
It didn’t take too long for me to realize that I was looking at a large drilling rig!   From the looks of things, the oil boom is moving right along in our area.  In fact,  a reliable source that I’ve spoken with attests that this is very likely a test well that’s located on Route 45, just north of Route 6 in Rome Township.
It’s no secret that Ashtabula County needs a jump start with our economy.   Hopes are running high that the upcoming gas/oil drilling will help to breathe some life into our job market!   Many in our area are very hopeful that future drilling endeavors will be the start of something good. 

As one would expect, there are valid concerns revolving around this upcoming venture.  What will the environmental impact be for Ashtabula County?  Ground water is one of our most precious resources.  We must take as many precautions as possible to protect it.  Air quality must also be taken into consideration.   These are only a very few of the issues that must be considered.

What of the landowners rights?  There are many many companies who are offering to help you lease your land. Don’t sign anything without reading it all thoroughly and discussing your options with a competent gas/oil lease attorney.  Speak with your accountant to see what the ramifications of all this newly acquire income may be.  Attend as many of the free public seminars as you can.

Reduce the possibility of your being taken advantage of by educating yourself on these most important matters!


Land–Something Special.

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